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Paula & Ray, Your hosts at Grosvenor House, Torquay in Devon

So when did we know that we’d made the right choice, giving up well-paid jobs, to risk it all and buy a guest house?  Really, as soon as our first guest bought a lovely thank-you card.

We knew then, our aim of providing a warm friendly welcome, clean and comfy rooms, a healthy or hearty breakfast, and value for money was on the mark.

Since that day in spring 2015, we’ve greeted hundreds of guests in the same way.  Some, of course, are just transient.  A fleeting stop, travelling to Land’s End, not realising a week here, is still not long enough to enjoy the English Riviera.  Fortunately, so many more stay longer, visit regularly and become great friends.  THE reward, for taking THAT risk!

Living in Hertfordshire, Paula’s background was in customer services, Ray’s in event management and journalism. We hankered to be our own bosses before we were 50. Fed up working for ‘The Man’, Ray is, of course, now working for ‘The Woman!’

Having hosted big events for family and friends, including our 2011 wedding, and been hands-on with our holiday rental in Florida, albeit from 4000 miles away, our skills were ideal for running a guesthouse.

We fell in love, the second we caught our first glimpse of the English Riviera.

Travelling the country for the right location, we fell in love, the second we caught our first glimpse of the English Riviera. Smitten once we saw the beaches, countryside and wealth of natural and man-made attractions.

Meet Your Hosts, Grosvenor House, Torquay in DevonYour Hosts, Paula & Ray at Eurovision from Grosvenor House in Torquay

So, Torquay and Grosvenor House are home, for us, and cats Bluebell (mum) and Sprite (kitten), both now into senior feline years.  If you take a drink on the patio, you may see them in their outdoor run.

When it’s time to relax, green-fingered Paula keeps the pots and baskets looking bright.  On a winter Saturday, with Torquay United coat and scarf, Paula cheers on the Gulls, as Ray commentates for the club’s radio service.  We’re fans of Eurovision (UK fan club members), not just the week-long festival in May, but the whole build-up as countries select their songs.  Staying with a musical theme, if time allows, Ray likes to play his synthesizers.

Now you know us, we’d love to get to know you too, and look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you soon.

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