So many of you visit us time after time, and we understand that you do, because of our rooms, our food and our service here at Grosvenor House. We’ve made so many friends and we really want that warm welcome to continue.

So our approach to operating, post-Covid, is focussed on ‘business as usual’.  As much as possible, we want the experience of Grosvenor House, to be as it always has been, both for returning friends, and those who we are welcoming for the first time, this year.

You will find the same usual high standards of comfort and cleanliness, our wide-ranging breakfast selection, and a bar, fully stocked with local beers and ciders, wine, spirits, softies and hot drinks.  You can also expect the same high level of service and support in getting the most out of your stay.

There are some changes that you will need to be aware of and some we will ask you to comply with.  Most are behind the scenes, like swapping out some of our cleaning products, to ensure those we use meet the necessary British standards.  This has helped us achieve VisitEngland’s kite mark standard, AA Covid-Confident status, and we are also part of the ‘Responsible Riviera’ so you and your family can relax and enjoy your holiday, knowing we’re focussed on your wellbeing.

You will now have access to our guest information folder on-line, once you’ve booked.  It can be accessed digitally, before and during your stay, on smartphone, tablet or laptop.  For those that don’t use technology, a hard copy will be mailed prior to your stay.

To ensure everything is sanitised to the Covid-secure standard, extra pillows and blankets, alarm clocks, hairdryers and bibles have been removed from rooms, but are available on request.  You can, therefore, be assured these are thoroughly cleaned before your use.

Room doors now have a do not disturb/please service sign.  This helps us expedite room servicing, plus they’re easy to sanitise, as we do all the other key touchpoints, like door handles, push plates and stair-rails.

Hand sanitiser stations have been installed in reception, by the notice boards in the main hallway, and at the entrance to the breakfast room.  Of course, all rooms are en-suite, to assist with regular hand washing.  Please hand-wash regularly, and sanitise:-

  • When entering the property.
  • Entering and leaving the dining room.
  • Before every visit to the breakfast buffet.
  • Before taking leaflets, or borrowing books or board games.

Depending on how many of you are staying with us, and safe distancing guidelines, it may be necessary to have two breakfast sittings.  We will accommodate your choice of  time, where possible, but ask that you are prepared to be flexible (especially when we are full)

Since the start of the pandemic, there’s been a new sense of community and support for one another.  With everyone being thoughtful for each other, especially in communal areas, in hallways and on stairs during your stay, we will be able to maintain that fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, that we and Grosvenor House are renowned for.

Dining Out & Visiting Attractions

That fun and friendly atmosphere should be evident across the whole area, as we, like many other local tourism businesses, have been working closely with the local tourist office to ensure we become the ‘Responsible Riviera’.

Most attractions, restaurants and bars will be extending their hours, but many will have limited capacity.  So, again we ask that you are understanding of the attractions, shops and restaurants, and maintain safe distancing, and sanitising, for your own wellbeing, and to care for those around you.

Advance booking and timed tickets will be introduced by some attractions, restaurants may have timed sittings.  We suggest booking attractions prior to your stay, and being prepared to visit them whatever the weather!!  Likewise, it’s probably worth booking a dinner reservation somewhere for your first couple of days.  If you’re flexible, then maybe having a main meal at lunchtime, might offer a more relaxed experience, as restaurants are likely to be less busy throughout the day.

Of course, there are many natural attractions, from splendid beaches, hidden coves, coastal path walks, glorious Dartmoor National Park which don’t need any reservations.

Our Riviera Guide is a good starting point for planning your stay, but please bear in mind certain attractions or venues may have different re-opening dates and regulations.  And if you need any help with what’s open and when, please call us on 01803 294110, and we’ll be happy to help you plan your stay.